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4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss - The Muse

4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Boss - The Muse4 Questions You Should Be Asking Your BossWhen I was younger, the word boss made me shake in my shoes. I figured that the boss-employee relationship looked something like this at every job The employee shows up on time, does everything asked of him in the fastest manner possible, and keeps his mouth shut unless asked to speak. However, I learned a funny thing as I advanced in my career The relationship between a manager and herbei employee (at least a healthy relationship) allows for transparency on both ends. While that doesnt mean you should ask your supervisor about her deepest insecurities, there are some common questions that fruchtwein people are afraid to ask, even though the answers are really important to know. For example, these1. How Are You Doing Today?Yes, you already might ask this one. But Im elend talking about mumbling it aloud as you walk in at the beginning of the day, with your headphones in, barely paying atten tion to the answer. But instead, really asking. This concept seemed ridiculous to me earlier in my career. I just assumed that because my manager was my manager, things were pretty good for her. She was making mora money than I was, so that was a start. And I mean, she was a boss, right? Things couldnt be so bad.But when I started asking her how she was doing and made it clear I was really asking, I realized that as much as I valued the times when she checked in on my overall state of mind, it was something she appreciated even more when I reciprocated. So dont be shy about checking in on your boss well-being. Maybe shell say fine, or maybe shell tell shes really stressed about an upcoming deadline (clueing you into why she might be a little short with you later in the week). Either way, theres no downside to asking. 2. Am I Doing a Good Job?There are few feelings worse than the uncertainty of how well (or not) youre doing at your job, so if youre ever in doubt, dont be afraid to as k your boss for her thoughts.Some companies are better than others about providing constant feedback, even beyond yearly review periods. Im fortunate to work under someone who will tell me when Im doing a particularly good job or if something needs to improve. But if thats not the case for you, theres no harm in asking for feedback about your overall performance. Of course, your relationship determines if this is a casual conversation, or a more formal discussion- but either way its one thatll benefit both of you. And unless your manager has a total vendetta against you and wants to sabotage your career (as well as make her life more difficult in the process), odds are that she will be willing to tell you how youre doing and what areas you can improve in. 3. What Do You Prefer When it Comes to Communication?When my work email became easy to access on my phone a few years ago, my world changed. I can work all the time now, I thought, I never have to wonder if Ive left anything undone As ridiculous as that sounds, I just assumed my boss was also working around the clock because it was so easy to do. Turns out that wasnt the case at all and that she didnt expect (or want) to receive my completed assignment and non-urgent questions on a Saturday afternoon. From her response, I simultaneously learned how my work habits could affect people in a negative way, as well as how to communicate better with my manager.Along those same lines, posing this questions also a good way to find out if your supervisor even expects you to check in after hours. I recently responded to something on a Sunday and got an email back from my boss that said, This couldve waited until Monday Go to bed While you should be prepared to hear an answer youre not thrilled with, you can ask what the expectations are when it comes to back-and-forth email protocol (does he or she want you to respond to every message or just those with a question?), sending long-term project updates (how often does he or she want a progress report?), and meeting preparation guidelines (should you be speaking up more, less?). The responses will only improve your relationship.4. How Did You Get to Where You Are Today?OK, so this might be the type of question you asked when you were interviewing for your current job. If so, thats great. But even if youve scratched the surface, theres a lot you can learn from your boss career story, especially if youd like to be in a similar position down the road. And what youll learn will probably surprise you. I used to think that anyone who managed people got that status because they never made a career mistake. Ever. But the more Ive asked people about their paths, the more Ive realized that all of them overcame a number of obstacles before landing in their current role. For some, that meant dealing with a longer-than-expected period of unemployment. For others, that meant feeling overwhelmed by their work. In any case, its a good way to see how you can advance your career, while also taking solace in the fact that the people above you arent perfect, either. And for that very reason, you can ask this question more than once, in a variety of ways. The more you can learn from your managers story, the better youll be able move forward on your own path.I know it can be hard to speak up about something youre curious about, especially when it comes to your boss. And sometimes, youre going to get answers youre not thrilled about. But whether its your overall performance youre wondering about or current project expectations that are unclear, dont be afraid to ask these questions. I mean, ever. If you sit idly by and just wait for the answers to come to you, youre not only keeping yourself in the dark about your day-to-day, youre also preventing yourself from growing into an even more impressive professional.

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Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Resume Template Free Download Is Wrong and What You Should Know

Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Resume Template Free Download Is Wrong and What You Should Know Microsoft has an official website where youre able to download schablones for nearly every item or occasion. Last draft is going to be the closest to accurate formatting. Programs like Microsoft Word or Open Office provide a wide selection of free resume schablones to have you started. Its possible for you to download the resume template free of charge and can readily edit the template using Microsoft word. The War Against Resume Template Free Download Youre now able to earn a fantastic first impact with professional styling and personalized appearance. Otherwise, you have to change your resume styling. Every one of them boasts a clean appearance, yellow accents, and Roboto font, which will provide a modern appearance to your documents. Sometimes all you will need is a timeless style template thats clean, clear and right to the point. Youd need to do the formatting work yourself. Try to remember, when choosing a resume, pick a design that sits most in accordance with the kind of job or company that you are applying for. Then it may be time to bring some style to your resume Each one of our creative style templates offer you a perfectly balanced mixture of personality, professionalism and some style. Resume Template Free Download for Dummies Settle on which sections you must put in your CV (dependent on the job which youre applying for), and which ones you are able to remove. The seminars and training programs youve attended can also be added to your resume especially if theyre regarding the work functions of the work fleck that youre applying for. When youre asking for a job which relies on the strengths of the person, you require a resume template which you can inject a little more personality into to make it pop. Candidate 1 and candidate 2, who possess the exact same strengths, submit an application for a job. Its ideal for a profession al who works in social networking or internet marketing. Candidate 2, obviously, since the recruiter can observe the precise work, together with demand and acceptance of the job on the market. Actually, up to 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals utilize some kind of a recruiting or applicant tracking system to evaluate and pre-screen prospective hires. Possessing a professional resume is a necessary tool for finding work. The Bizarre Secret of Resume Template Free Download Theres no doubt that a resume which is both cohesive and professional will have a much better prospect of standing from the crowd even supposing its made utilizing a template. Whether you prefer to submit an application for a designers job in a creative agency, or desire to submit an application for a hot job in a major bank, professional resumes are going to have you covered. Professionally, our resumes are often the very first impression a possible employer gets of us. Imagine you have two resumes be fore you. Keep in mind that you will probably wish to incorporate a cover letter, too. You may leave every one of them as is or customize a small bit to be able to bring a personal touch to the presentation of your candidacy. Make certain you didnt miss whatever could cost you the job that you dream about Classic resumes no longer have to include your faxgert or house number, and a few different things have gotten redundant. Top Resume Template Free Download Choices When seeking to advance within the identical company, a crystal clear career objective is vital. All you need to do is point and click. The expression biodata, which very few men and women know stands for biographical data, is usually utilised in the health care field. There are lots of beautiful resume templates out there, but nevertheless, it can be simple to feel as a lot of the greatest cost a ridiculous quantity of money, require special design programs in order to edit, or both. You may also alter the font if you wish (and the exact same goes for each template in our list). Whether youre writing your very first curriculum vitae or revising a recent CV, a template can be exceedingly beneficial. For instance, a template can demonstrate how to lay out your CV. It is available in PSD format. Resumizer free resume creator allows you to preview your resume at any stage in the creation procedure. Make certain you have replaced each of the information from the template with your own, personalized info. The upcoming free resume template is devised in the shape of a brochure. Creating a resume with the assistance of a template can help you become mindful of the resume areas that you should fill. The PSD is extremely simple to edit and customize. Our creative templates permit you to stick out from the crowd. You may indeed utilize distinctive formats and templates based upon the culture of the organization or organization to which youre applying.

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Possible Warning Signs on Writing a Resume when Unconfidant You Need to Know About

Possible Warning Signs on Writing a Resume when Unconfidant You Need to Know About Writing a Resume when Unconfidant - the Story After you have your resume sample in place, after that you can make modifications in the type of deletions or additions as per any specific requirement. Resume writing fees vary greatly and it can be inviting to look for the most affordable option. Some will gather the info by phone. Youre not physically mailing in your application, so its not an important parte to your resume. Writing a Resume when Unconfidant Ideas If youve got an objective on your resume, make certain it matches the position youre applying for. You should carefully read the work description for the position youre applying for and make an objective that matches the particular job for which youre applying. Becoming clear about your employment history is essential so youre giving a functional resume. A good resume gives the possible employer enough info to believe the applicant i s well worth interviewing. Now that the difficult work is completed, you need to make certain everything is polished as possible. There are a lot of stylistic points to consider during the writing process. An excellent editing job will take just a little longerand some particular tactics intended to catch resume errors. There are a couple routes you may take with resume writing. Most Noticeable Writing a Resume when Unconfidant For those who have publications or work samples which are connected to your job search, think about putting together one of your own. Although some resume writers are generalists and work with anyone, it is quite a bit easier and more lucrative to pick a particular niche. Choosing an unaffiliated writer via Craigslist is 1 option to decrease costs. You may believe you knowhow to compose a resume, but it doesnt mean that you understand how to craft a fucnctional resume that will stand out to a possible employer and land you a work interview. Remem ber your resume is the most significant tool youve got to obtain work. If it is not directly about the job, leave it out. If its a prior job ensure you write your bullets in past tense. Writing a Resume when Unconfidant - Is it a Scam? Demonstrating great writing on your resume tells a corporations HR department they can rely on you to fill cross-functional jobs and provides you a competitive edge over other candidates. Have a look at our Admissions Services and work one-on-one with a specialist advisor who will let you get ACCEPTED Most recruiters just do not have the opportunity to make that connection. Resumes which dont reflect the abilities or experience required for a particular job are a difficult sell. Once you have found out how to compose your resume you also will need to look closely at the best way to send it. Chronological resumes are excellent for clearly displaying your work or educational history and theyre a good alternative for practically any amount of e xperience. Vital Pieces of Writing a Resume when Unconfidant You should even have a look at the LinkedIn profiles of different folks that are in similar roles. If you prefer your resume to get read and, whats more, youre searching for an interview, you ought to make sure it stands out from the rest and steers clearly away from empty cliches and meaningless jargon. Todays resumes are not the same as resumes which were written just a decade ago.

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You could one day attend meetings with someone elses body via human Uber

You could one day attend meetings with someone elses body via human UberYou could one day attend meetings with someone elses body via human UberInstead of video conferencing into the meeting, we could one day be using other human bodies to physically represent us in the office while we work from home - A world of human stand-ins. Thats the future a new product envisions.AtMIT Tech Reviews EmTech conference in Singapore this week, Sony-affiliated virtual reality researcher junior Rekimoto demonstrated his invention - Chameleon Mask, or human Uber - that allows you to have someone wear a screen displaying your face on their face, so you can attend events remotely.This product allows you to Skype into a meeting on aelendher humans bodyAccording to bentzer instructions from Rekimotos lab, your doppelgnger is not only supposed to wear your face, they should also be instructed to act like youA surrogate user wears a mask-shaped display that shows a remote users live face, and a voice ch annel transmits a remote users voice. A surrogate user mimics a remote user by following the remote users directions.In his co-authored paper on the human-human communication mask, Rekimoto suggests using a surrogate who is your equivalent height, body type and gender in addition to someone familiar with the rest of the people in the room, like a colleague.What makes this invention different than just using an iPad?Telepresence robots are not new inventions for the workplace. The Double, which essentially acts like an iPad on a Segway, is already being used in offices to give remote workers face time with clients and colleagues. But Rekimoto argues that the Chameleon Mask can accomplish mora by being humanlike. Unlike other telepresence devices, a Chameleon Mask is at human height and will not run into as many technical difficulties that an iPad on wheels might encounter.But when your colleague starts waving their hands in the meeting the way you do, will everyone else be fooled, or will they be creeped out? According to Rekimoto, his telepresence invention is surprisingly natural. In a pilot field test, researchers found that unsuspecting bystanders would treat the person in a Chameleon Mask as human They seemed to believe that the remote user was in front of them. Thus, the surrogate was not only physically present but also created a sense that the director was there. To put it to the test, researchers recruited a23-year-old female student to be the human surrogateof a 28-year-old woman who needed to go to a local city center to get a request form, but was unable to travel there. In the human surrogates interaction with a city officer, the bemused officer treated the person wearing a display mask as human, but ultimately asked her to take off the mask in an interesting exchangeOfficer You are the right person. But would you take o? your mask, please? Person talking through the surrogate Sorry, I cant. This body isnt mine. I cant go there, so I let my agent v isit the city office. Officer sie werden erlauben? You are not the person on this ID?The officer said he could not give the surrogate the certification form needed, but acknowledged that rules for in-person certification could change in the future.This could be a new job in the gig economyWhile there are still hurdles to overcome, surrogates who could be doing this kind of work said they were up for the challenge. In the future, the gig economy may mean strapping on other peoples faces for cash. That was the sentiment the surrogate who ran the city center errand felt I may consider becoming someones surrogate as a part-time job. I felt that my work helped someone else.

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The New Science of Targeting Job Candidates

The New Science of Targeting Job CandidatesThe New Science of Targeting Job CandidatesThe New Science of Targeting Job Candidates M. Cantrell and David SmithMarketers have been deftly dissecting consumer populations for decades. Theyve pegged us as suburban moms, clothes-conscious teens, techno-geeks and then tailor their messages accordingly.Many companies are now applying this time-tested principle to job candidates with astounding results. Targeting job candidates improves the chances of finding qualified job candidates for the position by applying the same principles as a targeted marketing campaign.These new rules mean that employers must understand the characteristics of their eignung employees not just by skill platzset but by key concepts and candidate soft skills that are too often ignored, such as interests, generation, potential value to the business, personality, motivations, work habits, ideal job characteristics, cultural values, willingness to travel, location desir es and career aspirations.Segmenting Early in the Recruitment CycleToday, companies can collect a vast and rich array of information about an individual as part of social media recruitment before theyve ever met the candidate. As we describe in our new book, Workforce of One Revolutionizing Talent Management through Customization (Harvard Business Press, 2010), organizations can achieve significant business benefits by treating each individual as a workforce of one in other words, by offering each employee a highly-customized employment experience.Research from our book reveals how organizations can segment potential employees on any number of variables. Here are just a few business examples to considerTalent source. Just as with product advertising, PG delivers targeted recruiting messages to potential MBA candidates when they are most receptive at Christmas vacation, for instance, when students are less busy with academic work and starting to think about the January intern season .Personality, work habits, or cognitive capabilities. Capital One segments job candidates based on online tests that assess math and verbal reasoning skills, work habits and leadership skills. Results are coupled with interviews and possibly even exercises (such as creating a business case) and then rated as to how well the candidate might perform at Capital One.Ratings and quality of employee referrals. Other companies are tapping web-based talent profiles of pre-screened people who are available for work. Candidates are segmented based on ratings of their work and quality of referrals from others ( la Amazon and Facebook) as well as their test scores and experience. The data is used to match them with particular job skills.Life stage or generation. Companies often reach out to different generations (Gen Y employees, Boomers, etc.) in an age-appropriate format. To reach Millenials, for example, they are encouraging job candidates to speak freely with company employees on Facebook. One company went so far as to offer intern-made rap videos about office life. Organizations are also offering everything from customized benefits, performance feedback and more, all tailored to the needs and interests of each generation.Underutilized talent pools. Companies find bright and able people who are off the beaten track by catering to them in new and innovative ways, providing them with a leg up in a competitive talent market. JetBlue Airways, for example, caters to stay-at-home moms to staff its entire reservations department, enabling them to take reservations while caring for their households.Cultural values.In a global economy of global recruitment, many organizations are finding they need finely-crafted talent strategies that match companys cultural values. In Ireland, for example, many people enjoy cycling, so Google Ireland targets job candidates by offering them a cycling plan in which the company contributes toward the cost of a bicycle.Interests, motivations, or career aspirations. In an Intel pilot, potential candidates are segmented based on work preferences, creating a better fit between the candidates passions and the needs of the company. Similarly, Travelers crafts targeted communications based on an individuals aspirations and skills.The Rise of Candidate Relationship DatabasesTo house all this information, companies are increasingly turning to candidate relationship databases that work much like customer relationship databases. This allows companies to gather information on an unlimited number of variables that rarely come to light in interviews or in static resumes. The database can then be mined to create customized and meaningful communications between a corporation and their pool of potential hires. It can also keep track of subsequent interactions that build meaningful relationships with candidates over time.By using sophisticated segmentation techniques, relationship databases can keep candidates interested and engaged until s uch time as you need them.Author BiosSusan M. Cantrell is a Research Fellow at the Accenture Institute for High Performance. David Smith is the Managing Director of the Accenture Talent Organization Performance practice.

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10 Arguments For and Against Net Neutrality, Part 1

10 Arguments For and Against Net Neutrality, parte 1 10 Arguments For and Against Net Neutrality, Part 1 10 Arguments For and Against Net Neutrality, Part 1The world wide web was born free, without restrictions and regulierung. Then broadband providers starting exerting control through steps like slowing down video streams, especially with bandwidth hog Netflix dominating internet traffic.Users were upset at the slower video streams, and the government stepped in to take control of the internet from broadband providers.Net neutrality today is associated with a broad set of rules established in 2015 stopping broadband providers from blocking selected content, or slowing down internet speeds for customers. But those rules will be repealed starting April 23 by the Republican-dominated U.S. Federal Communications Commission.The worry is that a repeal will put control of the internet back in the hands of broadband providers. Opponents of net neutrality argue the internet should not be reg ulated as it will stall innovation and investment in next-generation technologies.The digital universe will double in size by 2020. Source International Data CorporationThe net neutrality debate today is mostly around video, but could pivot to IoT, which will increase its share of internet traffic in the future. The number of connected IoT devices is expected to reach 125 billion by 2030, according to IHS, and the repeal could impact companies involved in smart medical devices, autonomous cars, drones, connected factories and smart city projects. Here are five arguments for and five against the repeal that engineers need to know, especially in the context of IoT.FOR1) Prioritize IoT communications With the repeal, Internet providers will be able to be prioritize internet traffic. For example, communication between autonomous cars or life-saving medical devices could be prioritized and put on the fast lane, while non-essential traffic could be placed with regular internet communicati ons. This could also benefit other IoT-based services. Wearables, delivery drones, and driverless cars are among the killer apps that require a lot of real-time data and would benefit from preferential treatment in areas with strained network capacity, PwC wrote in a research report.2) More investment and new services Broadband providers have been reluctant to invest in infrastructure or develop innovative services since net neutrality regulations went into effect in 2015, says George Ford, chief economist at the Phoenix Center for Advanced Legal and Economic Public Policy Studies. Broadband providers capital expenditure declined to $76 billion B in 2016 from the decade-high $78.4 billion in 2014, according to USTelecom.Telecom companies can recoup investments quicker by developing innovative premium services around security, artificial intelligence or even specialized IoT traffic like tracking. Beyond provisioning traffic, a lot of computing services for IoT like image recognition can be provided on the edge equipment of telecom and network providers. However, regulations and red tape could discourage those investments as the return will be slower, Ford says.3) Fast track factory and infrastructure upgrades Manufacturers are increasingly connected to the internet, and a robust telecom infrastructure is a must to keep factories up to date, Robyn Boerstling, vice president of infrastructure, innovation and human resources policy of National Association of Manufacturers, told ASME.Continued investment in networks, led by the private sector, allow for improvements and upgrades that keep economic growth moving in a positive direction and give the U.S. a competitive advantage. A regulatory regime that holds back the development and deployment of the latest manufacturing technology would be a step in the wrong direction, Boerstling says.4) Limited regulation The Internet evolved with time, first as a platform for people to communicate, then for e-commerce, and now a s a harbinger for emerging technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud. Companies like ATT which hasnt taken a stand on net neutrality has argued that regulations could stall development of new internet technologies.In the very near future, technological advances like self-driving cars, remote surgery and augmented reality will demand even greater performance from the internet, ATT says. Without predictable rules for how the internet works, it will be difficult to meet the demands of these new technology advances.The volume of data transfer will rise dramatically by 2020. Source International Data Corporation5) 5G development Government interference will hinder the development of 5G, which will drive autonomous cars, robots and haptic feedback-enabled drones, says networking equipment maker Ericsson in a filing with the FCC. Inflexible rules could undermine the diverse 5G use cases and innovation enabled by quality-of-service distinctions and the availabil ity of different levels of connectivity that could be made available as part of broadband Internet access offerings, Ericsson says. 5G is a melting pot of wireless technologies that will also allow sensors and machines to directly talk over long distances, and net neutralitys repeal could pave a path for companies to separate critical data traffic that may be important to factory safety, as an example.Find out why people are against the repeal in Part 2 of 10 Arguments For and Against Net Neutrality.